Upgrade Your Office View – Enable Remote Working

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In our recent article, “Avoid a Stormy Cloud Transition,” we discussed how to assess the pros and cons of moving to the cloud so that you can evaluate all aspects of the transition, the good and the bad. The ability for remote work is absolutely pivotal in the current state of our world and one of the pros touted in the above mentioned article.


Our guess is that you know this already and you likely have had to take some ad hoc steps to begin setting up remote work support, but did you set it up for the long term, is it sustainable? Now is the time to take a step back and reevaluate to ensure you are set up for long term success. The ability to work from anywhere adds that extra ray of sunshine to your cloud migration. By defining the “who, what, where, and how” you can ensure that you have the proper foundation for supporting a remote workforce for the short term AND the long term.

The WHO. Who in the organization needs to function remotely?  This definition can be as simple as remote sales activities or as in-depth as supporting off-shore manufacturing facilities. Stretch your evaluation to functions which have traditionally been on-premise only like call centers, or elevate your talent pool for hard to fill positions allowing consideration of a remote superstar. 

The WHAT. What systems need to be accessible?  The “who” will drive the needs of what.  Start with those resources used by the roles identified in the “who” exercise.  This list will narrow the scope of what functions should exist in the cloud and pave a migration hierarchy for your environment. Avoid overlooking systems that are integrated by third party software or API connections.  Include these integrations when evaluating the feasibility of the move. 

The WHERE. Where are these remote functions taking place?   Perhaps you have a smaller footprint and are only working remotely within a state or region.  Maybe you are looking to expand overseas and need your files and systems accessible for multiple time zones and various languages.  Understanding the “where” of your remote workforce will help choose the correct cloud environment, which will help keep the cost of use and maintenance in check.

The HOW. What is the process of lifting something off-prem?  How do you plan for vital functions to be alive during migration?  The “how” can get sticky quickly and is usually the step where most budgets spiral out of control.  Start by identifying the talent needed for migration and operations.  Do you have these resources in house, or is it necessary to enlist a trusted partner?  Take the time to put together a plan of execution AND possible roll-back options.  This planning will help identify loose ends and migration paths that will be critical for success.

It seems very simple to read and write about these topics. Still, it can be a bit more challenging as remote working can occur out of necessity rather than by deliberate choice, as was the case for numerous companies once Covid-19 hit in mid-March. Let’s take an example of one of our clients to illustrate how we at Baufest put into practice defining the appropriate steps to ensure successful migration in a timely and organized fashion.

Pre-COVID-19, our client staffed 100% of their customer service team in-house between two locations, both of which utilized on-premise data centers. This team of employees had several responsibilities, including communication with service providers, customer service with clients, and resolving disputes – remote work was the exception.

Then the unforeseen occurred in March 2020 that forced our client to adjust their business model for their customer service team (WHO).

By accelerating cloud capabilities and APIs with the proper security outside the firewall (WHAT), the updated technology stack allowed staff to move into remote work.  Recognizing now that remote work was possible and possibly more cost-effective, the client made plans for a blended team of employees and near-shore 3rd party partners to manage operations, further lowering their operational costs without compromising customer service (WHERE).

One step left, the HOW.  Fortunately for our clients, the HOW is our wheelhouse. We partnered to clearly articulate exact solutions towards achieving and quickly implementing changes to facilitate the remote working need.

Countless organizations have successfully adopted a cloud strategy and are benefiting from the transition. Baufest is interested in your success. We realize success is defined different for each organization and want to ensure your solution addresses the core issues you face.   Consider hopping on a call and together we can define the Who, What, Where, and How for your organization. You will be on your way to working from anywhere. Might we suggest an ocean view and some sunshine?

Let’s explore the possibilities together. Contact us and read more of our Latest Insights here.